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About Filibuster Distillery

About Filibuster Distillery

What does it take to make an exquisite whiskey, rum, or any other liquor, for that matter? Not many know, but water has a significant role in distilling liquors. At Filibuster Distillery, we make sure the finest quality of liquor reaches you. As one of the leading distilleries in Washington D.C. and Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, we are proud of our water source. We understand a constant supply of quality water is paramount to making a great whiskey. Founded at a liquor store just a few blocks away from Capitol Hill, our brand transformed into an American dream.

Filibuster has always insisted on keeping the environment safe. Our whole distilling plant is designed so that no damage is caused to the surroundings, while the primary goal remains the same – to serve you the quality liquor in the USA. As the foundation of a great whiskey is water, we constantly strive to get it right. Water is used for mashing, malting, and diluting the spirit before packing it. We take appropriate measures to avoid water wastage and any damage to the surroundings.

Filibuster Distillery Owner, Siddharth Dilawri, has years of experience in the industry. The company strives to use the latest technology and the right approach to distill and manufacture the best liquor. We believe in creating an experience that is far from ordinary. Our products are for people who want to indulge in an experience that leaves them asking for more. Artisanal standards and innovative production techniques allow us to offer our customers an exquisite range of liquor products.

Be it malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation, maturation, or bottling – each stage involves careful manufacturing practices. After that, all whiskeys are aged in the barrels – usually made of oak. Rye, bourbon, and other American whiskeys should be aged in new charred oak barrels. However, different varieties of whiskeys can be aged in other barrels. Only if it is aged in the barrel for two years can it be labeled whiskey. It is a meticulous process that needs to be done with great care.

Filibuster Distillery is synonymous with manufacturing the finest range of distilled liquor. Since our inception, we have come a long way. Our objective has been the same – to bring the Americans the finest variety of liquor products while taking measures to save the environment. We believe in keeping pace with evolving times thus our distilling plant is equipped with systems and machines that process liquor without damaging the environment.

Our main aim is to distill liquor products manufactured following safe and eco-friendly practices. Our team consists of professionals who know how to distill liquor. From the first stage of distilling to the last step – bottling liquor – we leave no stone unturned to produce liquor that tastes the best and is distilled using safe and quality products. Make a reservation and visit our distillery plant to enjoy something you love the most. We assure you will have a great experience. We bring to you liquor that is crafted carefully and distilled artfully.

Our Products

Filibuster Products : Dual Cask Straight Bourbon
Dual Cask Straight Bourbon

It is the dual cask process that makes it different. We pushed traditional bourbon aging methods to an all-new level to bring you the finest taste. It is aged in French oak barrels and enhances the vanilla and caramel nuances while adding complexity to its rich flavor.

Filibuster Products : Single Estate Single Barrel Bourbon
Single Estate Single Barrel Bourbon

It is one of the finest whiskeys manufactured from our distilling plant. The 2019 limited-edition whiskey was crafted from one barrel, distillery, and farm to achieve the ultimate balanced yet bold flavor.

Filibuster Products : Dual Cask Straight Rye Whiskey
Dual Cask Straight Rye Whiskey

It is one of our unique products. It is secondarily aged in French Oak barrels to impart white wine texture and aroma into the liquor. The technique leads to a rich, round whiskey without the presence of grassy notes that detract you from the enjoyment of rye whiskey.

Filibuster Boondoggler Whiskey
Boondoggler Whiskey

Filibuster’s Boondoggler Whiskey is something you will relish. Far from traditional distilling, it is aged in five different barrels giving it unique qualities from its aging process to creating a complex yet balanced spirit. It is the approach that makes this whiskey neither rye nor bourbon.

Boondoggler Dual Cask Gin
Dual Cask Gin

It is crafted in a style reminiscent of the 18th-century bathtub gin. Aged in French Oak barrels using hand-infused botanicals, this gin offers unique characteristics that are not found in other barrel-aged gins.

Filibuster Gin Rose
Gin Rose

With the addition of rose petals, our Dual Cask Gin reaches a new level. It was introduced as a limited edition for the Summer of 2018. We re-introduced it because of the great reviews and customer requests. The right blend of wild rose notes, pink peppercorn, and lemon give a great taste to Gin Rose.

Objective and Goals

Our objective is to raise the working capital, production and building a new tasting room. Bring a rail car theme to the distillery to enhance your tasting experience. Developing a theme-based tasting room is the best way to offer our customers a great ambiance. The money we will get through investment will be put into developing the distillery plant. Since our inception, we have been striving to bring the customers a range of exquisite liquor products.

Our goal is to emerge as a leader in exports and a strong player in the domestic market. We aim to distill liquor that is manufactured following eco-friendly practices. Water is the main ingredient in distilling liquor, and we continue to source it right without damaging the surroundings.

About Filibuster Distillery Owner : Siddharth Dilawri

With more than two decades of the industry experience, Siddharth Dilawri has been a part ofseveral renowned projects. he is the master of organizing, handling, and arranging food related events. Be it food and beverage industry or managing supply chain, he has the knack for it. He has selected menu items for Sehwag’s favourite and Pita on Fire and further assisted in assigning prices to menu items. He believes in working closely with people to understand them and offer services according to their needs. His excellent communication skills empower him with the ability to not only understand customer requirements but also bring to them the best of both worlds.

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